I started the line working with my youngest daughter, Asia showing her

step-by-step how to become an entrepreneur. After we created our own lines I realized how much fun beauty could be. 


As an event planner  

I realized that instead of sending brides, birthday ladies and friends to big name department stores for services

I could have products on hand for them to get glammed up.

Having self confidence is most important and being teased as a kid because

I had scars on my face didn't leave me much confidence. 

I never thought about beauty because I wasn't supermodel status. 

This line has made me realize that beauty comes from within. I want women of all backgrounds to feel amazing when they walk out the house. No matter If they put on a full face or just glam up with lip gloss. 

The goal of this beauty line is to allow women to find beauty products that last, don't harm their skin, actually work and are a fraction of the cost. 

We want to build bonds and leaves legacies.